Another Trade Idea Pays Off For BEP Members

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Another Trade Idea Pays Off For BEP Members

As you may know, we just launched my brand new trade service, Big Energy Profits, earlier this week.

This service leverages the passive trade system I’ve used to free myself and my family’s business from debt… 

And put myself on the path to 7 figures in trade profits in just two years. 

Now, BEP members get exclusive access to my best trade calls each month… 

Trade calls that have a high probability of handing them “home run” returns of $25,000, $75,000, even $150,000 a pop. 

In addition to those monthly trade calls, though, members also get access to my daily and weekly trade ideas. 

Well, last night, I gave my BEP members another trade idea that I believed was likely to yield at least one of three targets. 

Today it hit all three of them… 

And if you’d have taken just three contracts and closed out one at each target, it would have paid for an entire year’s subscription to Big Energy Profits. 

Keep in mind, this is the second daily trade idea that’s yielded a return this week… 

As we had one on Tuesday that yielded an easy $1,150.

Now the response to BEP since we opened enrollment has been incredible… 

And we’ve almost hit our initial membership limit. 

We’ll be shutting down enrollment Friday at 5 p.m. sharp… 

So if you want to learn more about this system and how you can start putting it to work for you right now, just click here to view the webinar recording and learn how you can become an inaugural member while there’s still time!


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