Levels ATR

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Levels ATR

Exit at the right time with Levels ATR!

Levels ATR (average true range) is a powerful series of user pre-defined levels, which act as both potential exit positions and stop loss management.

The Levels ATR indicator helps traders identify clear exit strategies.

Inexperienced traders can:

  • spend too long focusing on where to enter the position
  • spend no time on where to exit or take profits
  • allow the market to dictate the exit following a particular chart pattern or set up
  • be panicked into exiting

Few traders concentrate on their exit strategies, yet this is where the big profits are made!

The Hawkeye Levels ATR indicator displays profit target levels using the average true range of a predetermined number of price bars to establish profit target.

Watch how it works!

Exit with market volatility with Levels ATR.

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