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Detect the market’s strength with Heatmap

Placing trades in what a trader believes to be a trending market, only to be stopped out as the market reverses, is a common factor in trading account losses, and was the sole reason why this indicator was developed, and and assists in overcoming one of the greatest problems in the early days of all traders – staying in a trend.

The Heatmap takes the three variable inputs from the Hawkeye Trend — conservative, normal and aggressive, and shows you visually when all three trends have locked into place. This gives you a clear view of the overall market sentiment and quantifies risk.

Heatmap works in all timeframes and displays four colour variations:

RED – The markets are in a strong downtrend and bearish

GREEN – The markets are in a strong up trend

DARK RED OR DARK GREEN – one or two of the trend speeds have locked out of the trend, and the market may be pausing into a congestion area or reversing.

When used in conjunction with volume, Heatmap gives you the confidence to stay in a trend, analyzing trades quickly and easily, thus reducing risk.

Watch how it works!

See when a market is trending and when it’s not with Heatmap

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