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Fatman – the premier Forex strength meter that tells you where to start

The Fatman was the first of its kind in the world, and while many have attempted to emulate it, no one has perfected it like Hawkeye.

The main problem for Forex traders is which pair to trade. Fatman makes hundreds of calculations every second to present a visual picture of the strength or weakness of each currency. This indicator shows you what each currency is doing against the rest of the world’s major currencies, and shows low risk opportunities particularly when currencies are either overbought or oversold – get ready, there will be a change in trend and a great opportunity to trade.

As an example, take nine of the world’s leading currencies all competing against one another and creating currency pairs as a result.

  • GBP – the British pound (orange)
  • EUR – the euro (green)
  • USD – the US dollar (cyan)
  • JPY – the Japanese yen (magenta)
  • CAD – the Canadian dollar (yellow)
  • CHF – the Swiss franc (white)
  • AUD – the Australian dollar (red)
  • NZD – the New Zealand dollar (dark blue)

The Fatman is so easy to use. Each currency is represented by an individual colour, with the US dollar in cyan, the Euro in green, the Japanese yen in magenta, the British pound in orange, the Australian dollar in red, the Canadian dollar in yellow, the New Zealand dollar in blue and the Swiss franc in white.

With Fatman you know which currencies are weak or strong at any given time – whether your time settings are weekly, daily, intraday or tick.

Watch how it works!

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