Tools for NinjaTrader MarketAnalyzer

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Tools for NinjaTrader MarketAnalyzer

The power of Hawkeye in one place

Tired of scanning through charts, trying to find the markets that are actually trending, rather than those that are simply moving sideways? the Hawkeye Tools for NinjaTrader MarketAnalyzer is the answer. It’s an essential tool for the serious trader, giving you the power of Hawkeye in one place, and in one window.

The Tools for MarketAnalyzer show you:


Find out whether an instrument or market has just changed trend from bullish to bearish or vice versa – simply check the column for Trend on your MarketAnalyzer screen.

Trend Count

Displays the number of trend bars currently in the trend.

Volume & Volume Radar

To see where the volume has just changed from buying to selling, or from selling to buying, check MarketAnalyzer to view the Volume Indicator.


If you prefer to enter trades when Heatmap has just changed from dark green to bright green or from dark red to bright red – MarketAnalyzer will show you instantly.

Free: Pivots & WideBar

No more searching through multiple charts – it’s all there in one place.

MarketAnalyzer makes trading easy and directs you instantly to those markets and instruments with the greatest potential and lowest risk. No more time spent searching out the opportunities. They are delivered to you simply and quickly in your MarketAnalyzer window, allowing more time to analyze the setup and plan where to take your profits.

Let MarketAnalyzer do the work for you!

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