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"Ever Bought Into the High Of Day
Or Sold Into The Low Of Day?"

Never Again . . . With Hawkeye Zones!

Dear Trader,

If you’ve been trading for any period of time, you know how frustrating it can be to enter a trade only to find out later you bought into the High of Day or Sold into the Low of Day.

With Hawkeye Zones, that frustration will forever be a thing of the past.

That’s because Hawkeye Zones expands the functionality of the Hawkeye volume trading methodology by adding supply and demand zones, along with extremely accurate, predictive support and resistance zones on your TradeStation, NinjaTrader, or MT4 charts in real-time.

Why Hawkeye Zones Was Created

Hawkeye Zones was designed to help active traders visualize support, resistance, supply, demand, and their interaction with price action.

We have designed this indicator to . . .

  • Show you market turning points and breakout zones
  • Help you understand the link between support & resistance, and future price action
  • Identify when it’s best to enter a trade with minimal risk
  • Shou you when to exit a trade without ‘leaving too much money on the table’

Ultimately, by using Hawkeye Zones, you can dramatically increase your winning trade percentage.

Hawkeye Zones Can Be Applied To Any Type of Chart

The good news is that Hawkeye Zones can be applied to any type of time chart (minute, hourly, daily, weekly) or specialty charts (tick, renko, share, range). When using Hawkeye Zones on different timeframes, you may notice that sometimes the zones overlap, or appear in the same price areas, but on multiple timeframe charts. We refer to this as confluence.

We like to see Hawkeye Zones with multiple timeframe confluence. For example, look for a zone using a 5 minute chart, and see if you can see the same zone on a 15 minute chart at the same price area. In addition, look for the same zone on a 60 minute chart, or even on a 240 minute chart and a daily chart.

If a support or resistance zone appears on multiple charts in the same area, you have a very high degree of confluence, indicating that price will be affected by that price zone!

Supply and Demand Zones Are Displayed in Real-Time!

This enables you to . . .

  • Boost your trading using supply and demand zones theory
  • Clearly see market turning points and breakout zones
  • Understand the link between support and resistance and future price action
  • Increase your winning trade percentage dramatically using Zone theory
  • Integrate your existing Hawkeye strategies with dynamic Zone theory

How To Use Hawkeye Zones

Hawkeye Zones can be used in a number of ways to aid your present trading strategy. They can be used to tell you when to exit or partially exit a current position. A breakout from a zone may be used to enter a new position or add-on to an existing position. Watching what happens when price enters a Zone may be indicative of taking a position or deciding to remain ‘flat.’

If your strategy gives a buy signal, and the price is just below a zone, you may wait to see how the price reacts to the supply(resistance) zone. There are many ways to augment your trade setups using Hawkeye Zones. This system all goes back to basic price action – we simply record what price has done in the past.

Hawkeye Zone Basics The Confluence of Zones

Most traders, whether they are newbies or seasoned veterans, have come across support and resistance in some way. The methodologies available to calculate support & resistance levels are as varied as the markets we trade in. We often hear gurus on Bloomberg TV say the market is currently hitting resistance at a 50% Fibonacci retracement level, only to be followed up by someone else saying the same area is resistance because it is a Double Top.

If we listen long enough, we’ll hear people talk about moving averages, volume profiles, floor pivots, Elliott waves, as well as, an endless list of methods for identifying support and resistance. The question facing most traders today is which of them, if any, actually work? Well, the answer is that they all do, but only to a certain extent.

Market Personality

Most traders recognize that the market goes through phases. These include accumulation, distribution, bullish, bearish, trending, range bound, high and low volatility, and various combinations of these. These phase shifts lead to one of the most common issues for traders, the “Wow! My strategy worked so well last month, but this month it’s killing me!” syndrome. Most trading strategies are built for certain market phases, and when the markets shift, traders struggle.

So, how does this tie in with our support and resistance zones? Well, at any given point in time based upon the market’s phase or “personality,” certain methods of support and resistance will do well, where others may lag or completely not function at all.

Advanced Price Action Edge

So, we start by taking a very basic way of looking at the market. We believe that no matter how you see them, there are price action support and resistance lines. It’s all based on either previous price action higher highs, lower lows, or a failure to break them. These are basics laws of supply and demand.

Our software highlights and tracks these areas of support and resistance for you, using dynamic creation and self-terminating zones and a color coded bounce count system. These areas can be very old or perhaps created within just the last 3 bars. Our zones are a price predictive system that doesn’t lag. They work great by themselves or together. It is the advanced price action edge!

What’s It Going To Cost?

Trading without Hawkeye Zones is likely costing you thousands of dollars each year. But with Hawkeye Zones, all that lost money and frustration will forever be a thing of the past.

The good news is that you can get Hawkeye Zones for . . .

Just $800!

Frankly, if you’ve been trading for any time at all, you’ve likely lost more than that accidentally buying into the high or selling into the low of day.

But all of that changes TODAY, because you can completely eliminate that problem with Hawkeye Zones!

The truth is . . . Hawkeye Zones is without doubt, one of the most POWERFUL and innovative indicators there is to use in your trading.

So, I can honestly say that  you need Hawkeye Zones if you’re serious about trading!

If you aren’t using Hawkeye Zones in your trading yet . . .

NOW is the time to start!

So, go ahead, the button below, and let’s get started.

Great trading,

Team Hawkeye

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