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Hawkeye Levels Module

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Two indicators that allow you to take profits based on either average true range (ATR) or specific user-defined profit targets: Hawkeye Levels ATR and Hawkeye Grabba.

What's Included

  • Levels ATR Auto
  • Levels ATR up
  • Levels ATR dn
  • Grabba Auto
  • Grabba up
  • Grabba dn

Product Description

Levels ATR (average true range) is a powerful series of user pre-defined levels, which act as both potential exit positions and stop loss management.

The Levels ATR indicator helps traders identify clear exit strategies.

Inexperienced traders can:

  • spend too long focusing on where to enter the position
  • spend no time on where to exit or take profits
  • allow the market to dictate the exit following a particular chart pattern or set up
  • be panicked into exiting

Few traders concentrate on their exit strategies, yet this is where the big profits are made!

The Hawkeye Levels ATR indicator displays profit target levels using the average true range of a predetermined number of price bars to establish profit target.

Grabba is a simple mechanical system that you can manage yourself, using your own risk and reward profile.

The Hawkeye Grabba is a risk management tool which provides traders with a visual representation of the risk-to-reward profile on every trade. For example, you can apply your own profit targets (say 10 pips) and each line will show you that multiple.


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