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Hawkeye Trend+Stops: Showing you a true sense of the market trend and momentum — which can be the difference in a profitable trade and one that gets you stopped out with a loss. Stay with the trend and know where your exit is with the Hawkeye Trend+Stops Module.

What's Included

  • Trend+Stops Indicator
  • Heatmap Indicator
  • Adds (Profit Accelerator) Indicator
  • Pivots Indicator
  • Widebar Indicator

Product Description

With Hawkeye Trend+Stops you get a true sense of the market trend rather than opinions from the financial media.

This powerful indicator tells you when a trend is commencing, in congestion and where the correct exit is. You’ll have the confidence to stay in a trend, a feat that proves difficult for most novice traders.

Trend+Stops is based on the Hawkeye Volume algorithm of pattern recognition and average true range. Using this tool will stop you from having “opinions” on market direction and allow you to take control of your trading.

Trend+Stops overcomes two of the biggest hurdles to successful trading:

  • Where the trend is at the given moment (and its momentum)
  • Where your stop exit should be

The Hawkeye Trend+Stops Indicator

One of the most difficult tasks in trading is to know when the market you are trading is in a trend, and when it is not. It is the correct selection of trades in trending markets that makes the difference between a profitable trade, and one that gets you stopped out with a loss.

The problem is that markets spend more time moving sideways than they do in a trend. Consequently many traders find themselves in a trade they believe is the start of a trend, only to discover that the market moved sideways, with the position being closed out at a loss. This is the single most frustrating part of trading, and it accounts for more traders making overall losses on their account than any other factor — Hawkeye Trend+Stops overcomes this problem.

The Hawkeye Heatmap takes the three variable inputs from the Hawkeye Trend — conservative, normal and aggressive, and shows you visually when all three trends have locked into place. This gives you a clear view of the overall market sentiment and quantifies risk.

Heatmap works in all timeframes and displays four color variations:

RED – The markets are in a strong downtrend and bearish

GREEN – The markets are in a strong up trend

DARK RED OR DARK GREEN – one or two of the trend speeds have locked out of the trend, and the market may be pausing into a congestion area or reversing.

When used in conjunction with Hawkeye Volume, Heatmap gives you the confidence to stay in a trend, analyzing trades quickly and easily, thus reducing risk.

Hawkeye ADDS (Profit Accelerator) This unique algorithm tells you visually when and where to add additional contracts, once you are in a trending market. After years of backtesting, the optimal setup has been found to be a ONE, THREE, TWO, ONE configuration, with each signal generated from an analysis of the underlying volume and its associated price action. The signal is generated where the Adds Indicator identifies changes from buying to selling volume or selling to buying, in an existing trend, with the indicator then calculating the optimal levels for adding further contracts to the position.

As a simple example, assume a new position is initially opened with a single contract or lot. As the trend develops, a signal would then be generated in the future to indicate adding three further contracts to the position, followed by an additional two, and finally an additional one, making a total of seven contracts in total. All seven contracts are then closed out together.

The ADDS indicator was designed for longer term timeframes where positions are held for days, weeks or months, though it can be used on an intraday basis.  In this case, the number of Adds should be limited to just one initial Add, i.e. if you start with one contract, you can then add a further three contracts when the signal appears, but NO MORE.


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