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The 2019 Hawkeye Traders Live Seminar

Charlotte, NC, April 7-9, 2019

Dear Hawkeye Family Member,

Mark your calendars for April 7-9, 2019,
because that’s when we are holding our next all-content, Intensive Hawkeye Trading Seminar, and believe me . . .
you NEED to be there!

This year, our training is spread out over 3 FULL days.

First, on April 7th and 8th, we’ll cover the basics of Hawkeye Volume Trading and how to use ALL the indicators, showing basic setup criteria and entry/exit methods. The training is designed to show how to benefit from the full capabilities of the tools. We call this class Hawkeye Basic Training.

Then, on April 9th , we’ll take it to the next level with our advanced level of training in Hawkeye theory, methods, and tools. Here, we discuss trade strategies and ways to search for and filter the highest probability, low risk trades. We call this class Hawkeye Advanced Training.

And let me emphasize:  This is . . .

Charlotte, NC

ALL Training, with No Sales Pitches

Rest assured, this event will be 100% focused on training you in the Hawkeye Volume trading method and there will be no sales pitches presented during this content-rich seminar.

Hawkeye Traders Spring Seminar Details

In this Content Rich 3-Day Seminar, we’ll discuss . . . 

  • The only SIX WAYS a market can move, and how to effortlessly see entries and exits that will produce HUGE profits!
  • Learn to trade “in sync” with the markets, using three key timeframes simultaneously.
  • identifying market reversals BEFORE they occur.
  • How to identify early on when buyers or sellers are entering the markets.
  • The simple secret to doubling, even tripling your results with our profit accelerator strategy.
  • Where to take profits and stop giving your profits back.
  • Everything you need to know about stops and how to use them properly.
  • The single most important criteria that should be in place before you enter any trade.
  • Edge of the market trading demonstrations in Forex, Futures, and Stocks.
  • Risk management and position sizing.

. . . and much, MUCH more!

Proposed Class Schedule

Saturday Apr 6th

6:00pm Meet and Greet in the Hotel lounge (Caffe Sienna)


9:00am – 12:00pm

  • Hawkeye Basic Training
    • The Six Ways a Market Moves
    • Understanding and Using Volume
    • The Three Step Entry/Exit Method
    • Understanding the Software

12:00pm Break for Lunch (on your own)

1:15pm Afternoon Session

  • Understanding Volume Trading
  • Using Volume and Price Together
  • Market Reversals and Price Direction
  • Understanding and Using Stops

6:00pm    Optional Dinner out Together (with guests)


8:00am     Hawkeye Forex Trading Demonstration
9:30am     Hawkeye Futures Trading Demonstration
(Note):  Hawkeye Stock Trading Demonstration various times through the day.

12:00pm Break for Lunch (on your own)

1:15pm Afternoon Session

  • Trade Setups and Execution
  • Risk Management and Position Sizing
  • Scanning for Potential Trades
  • Building a Winning Trading Plan


08:00am    Hawkeye Forex Trading Demonstration
    Hawkeye Futures Trading Demonstration
(Note):  Hawkeye Stock Trading Demonstration various times through the day.

12:00pm  Break for Lunch (on your own)

1:15pm Afternoon Session

  • Scanning for Potential Trades
  • Advanced HawkeyeZones Training

3:00pm    Summary and Dismiss for those who need to get to the airport

Bonus: Free Indicator For All Attendees

As an extra incentive to come, all attendees will receive a free Hawkeye Indicator Package (value = $597). This indicator package is NEW to Hawkeye and has never been released.

Seating is limited, so make your reservation now.

What Are People Saying?

Venue & Pricing

The 2019 Hawkeye Seminar will be located in Beautiful Charlotte, NC. Here are the details:

The price for this Three-day Seminar is :

Current Price:  $797 each (Reserve now! Prices go up to $997 on Feb 8th)

*NOTE: Bring your partner and receive a 50% discount on their ticket! Contact Us to secure this discount after you register.

I believe this event will be the BEST Hawkeye Trading Seminar we’ve ever held.

So, please mark your calendars for April 7-9, 2019, and I look forward to meeting you in-person!

Seating is limited, so make your reservation now.