Options Trade Room

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Options Trade Room

Nigel Hawkes, the world-renowned Volume trading expert announces . . .

"The New Hawkeye Options Trading Room!"

Trust me, you're going to LOVE this!" - Nigel

Dear Options Trader,

One of the fastest ways to become a consistently-profitable options trader is to find someone who’s successful and emulate what they’re doing. However, the challenge is finding someone who really knows what they’re doing and who’s willing to share . . . someone like Mike Smith.

As an experienced options trader, with an enviable track record, Mike has really impressed me. So much so, that I’ve asked him to host my new options trade room.

Each day, Mike will show you how he uses my Hawkeye Volume indicators to trade options with a variety of innovative strategies.

Then, he will determine the best potential trades that should produce the largest returns with the lowest risk. Finally, he’ll show you how he places, manages, and exits those trades to ensure consistent profits are made.

The Hawkeye Options Trading Room Is Unlike Any Other Trade Room!

Please don’t confuse it with other rooms that merely post hypothetical suggested trades, leaving trade management and exits to the subscriber’s discretion.

This rare opportunity allows you to look over the shoulder of a success options trader, who trades his own money in a live trading account using the Hawkeye Indicators.

Mike’s approach is so simple, yet so powerful, that virtually anyone can use this live training and education to start becoming a consistently-profitable options trader themselves.

If The Hawkeye Options Trade Room did nothing more than simply list the trades Mike is placing, it would still be the most valuable service you could ever receive. But it does much more.

You Also Get a Professional Trading Education

with Mike’s daily discussions and chart analysis. You even get direct access to Mike for any questions you may have!

Nothing has been left out. You get the same professional trading instruction you would if you were investing in private coaching with Mike, with the added advantage that you can see him place the trades live, in real-time.

By joining today, you’ll get the absolute bottom-line best trade education available, and everything you need to know to get up to speed fast with Hawkeye Volume options trading.

In Hawkeye’s live options training room, you’ll learn to . . .

  • Identify low risk trade entries using the Hawkeye suite of tools
  • Analyze price action using Volume
  • Identify strengths and weakness across all major markets
  • Enter using trend and volume signals
  • Manage and build positions

. . . and much, much more!

Introductory Promotion Pricing

Shortly, the price for this trading room will be $197 per month. However, during this introductory promotion, you can get started for . . . .

Only $47 For The First Month

(continue for only $99 per month)

Listen, unless you take action now, in one year, you’ll likely be in the same financial condition you started from … or even worse. So go ahead and subscribe right now, while you’re thinking about this, and we’ll see you on the inside.