Nigel Hawkes Interview on 52Traders

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Nigel Hawkes Interview on 52Traders

Nigel recently had an awesome interview by Cam Hawkins of on the subject “Mastering Volume & Essential Tips for Struggling Traders”.

In the show, Nigel reveals:

  • The missing part to most Volume Spread Analysis studies
  • The timeframes you should be focusing on and why
  • A simple trick to easily read your moving average
  • The one thing he puts the most effort into getting right
  • His secret chart setting to trade Forex intraday
  • Amazingly simple changes you can make to help control your emotions

The audio interview, along with the written transcript, is available by clicking the link below:

Nigel Hawkes on Mastering Volume & Essential Tips for Struggling Traders

During the interview, Nigel mentions the $97 Volume Starter Package he recommends to everyone interested in getting started with volume trading. The Starter Package is available here:

Hawkeye Volume Starter Package

Now, all of this (and much more) is demonstrated in our Wednesday room, hosted by yours truly.

So, I cannot encourage you enough to come along to the Wednesday room.

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