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2. Monthly Newsletter

This section houses the Monthly Newsletter archive.

3. Daily Updates

A chronological list of the most recent Daily Updates, with news and information you need to know about Crypto Trading.

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A list of all the coins that <strong><em>may</em></strong> be added to the Model Portfolio at a future date.

5. Crypto Investor Alerts

It’s easy for cryptocurrencies to move quickly and even easier to get “over-bought”. That’s why we think it’s almost always best to wait for a deep pullback in price before we buy into a trend. A Hawkeye Crypto Investor Alert will be issued when a watch list candidate reaches an attractive buy spot.

6. Member Resources

Here you will find Resources that will help you in your Crypto Learning Journey, including useful links and a basic lexicon of Crypto terminology to help clarify the jargon you will run across.


I spent a decade as the Senior Editor and virtual Portfolio Manager for a large financial newsletter, so I know the responsibility that goes with serving thousands of investors. Additionally, I’m a crypto investor myself, so when it comes to crypto, “I eat my own cooking”.

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I began my own investing and trading journey in 1996…

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