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Randy has a dual BS degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering, and a MS degree in Electro-Optic Engineering. He worked with the USAF as a research engineer for 14 years, then continued to work for various government defense contractors on many exciting scientific projects. It was probably his master’s thesis project that launched him into stock trading, when he developed a recurrent neural network that was used to solve many current USAF problems. But the one problem that most interested him was the prediction of stock market direction. So began his journey with technical charting and trading.

His introduction to trading was in the late 80’s trading stocks. Then in the 90’s while working full time as an engineer, he spent all his spare nights and weekends analyzing trade positions in stocks, commodities and stock options. Like most traders during the late 90’s, he did pretty well…until the crash of 2000, when half of his account was wiped out. He wasn’t properly prepared for that.
So, he started to look at different ways to diversify his trading, and that’s when he entered the world of

Forex trading. He spent 2 to 3 years trying to learn Forex trading by himself, to no avail. He blew up 2 separate trading accounts trying to figure that out. Like many people, he was following different trading “gurus” who were leading him on wrong paths. So he went back to what he knew best: trading stocks and options and holding the positions for longer time frames.

It wasn’t until 2005 when he came across Hawkeye Traders’ website and looked through the education and tools, which seemed to be a good fit. So he went to one of Hawkeye’s Live Seminars. He liked it so much that he bought the whole suite of indicators. It took Randy about a year to develop a plan to consistently trade with profits. He did that for about two and a half years when he started trading the index future markets. He applied the Hawkeye tools to all different markets and found strategies that were still consistently profitable. He was doing so well that he quit his engineering job to become a full time professional trader. Randy said “Not only do I have fun trading, I am also doing it well. It is a wonderful feeling to enjoy what I do and get paid for it at the same time.”

Nigel Hawkes, the Founder of Hawkeye Traders took notice, and brought Randy into the company, where he quickly made changes and helped Nigel grow the company to a thriving education and training company. So when it came time for Nigel to retire, it was only natural for Randy to step up and take the reigns of one of the most powerful volume trading companies in the industry today – Hawkeye Traders.

Today, Randy enjoys helping others flourish in their trading endeavors. And just as he has been mentored, he now enjoys training those aiming to improve their trading skills.

Not only a successful engineer and entrepreneur, Randy Lindsey is a trader, who learned the simplistic yet popular application of volume, coupled with Hawkeye Traders’ suite of proprietary tools and indicators to become a consistently profitable trader. And today, Hawkeye indicators are used daily by thousands of traders throughout the world.

Now an avid programmer and researcher, Randy enjoys applying his technical training towards improving his own trading. He and his wife Linda have one son, one daughter, and two grandchildren (so far).

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