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Kiss is designed specifically for trading stock indices or equities. Kiss, in one simple indicator, will instantly reveal who is controlling the price – either the buyers or the sellers.

Product Description

Kiss tells you the advance decline issues that are occurring across the whole of the US stock market.

Note: Kiss uses advancing and declining issues as inputs to the data series. You must have these data types available in your trading platform to enable Kiss to display properly.

Kiss has just two lines to watch, a green and a red line. As the sellers in the market begin to increase, the red line rises, and consequently as buyers decrease, then the green line falls.

So where you have a diverging indicator with a red line rising and a green line falling, you know the market is in a bearish trend – it’s that simple. So you look for “shorting” opportunities which will be low risk trades because they are in harmony with market sentiment.

Similarly, when the green line is rising and the red line is falling, you know that buyers are increasing and sellers are decreasing, so you’re in a bullish trend. Here you look for opportunities to buy the market, once again giving you low risk trading opportunities.

Kiss works in all timeframes, and is the perfect tool, whether you are an intraday scalper on the indices, or a longer term trader in equities. Kiss is a powerful indicator on its own, but when added to the other Hawkeye Indicators such as Volume and Trend, it becomes the ultimate strength and weakness barometer.

Getting into a trade at the right time and on the right side of the market is one of the keys to trading success. However, it is equally important to be patient, and Kiss will let you know when you should stay out of the market. When the red and green lines are tightly bunched together, then the buyers and sellers are equally balanced. In other words the market is in congestion as no one has control, so we stay out.


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