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You will hear (and have actionable steps for):

  • Why your trading process is important and what it MUST contain
  • What is REALLY meant by a trading edge and FOUR steps you must take to develop your own EDGE in the market
  • The SIX key things your must measure in your trading
  • How to make sure you have ALL of the methods in your trading plan for timely and appropriate exits.
  • How to fill the FOUR types of gaps that may exist in your trading and the actions you must take to make this happen.
  • How to recognize, acknowledge and take action on a “trading block” to reduce the capital destroying potential of this state
  • Identify the FOUR different trading disciplines and recognize that a failure to address any one of these may have significant implications on your results.
  • Take your analysis of your entry and exit decisions to the “professional” level to make sure you have the right things in place for a lifetime of consistent trading
  • Dispel four of the more common trading myths that you will hear on your trading journey but acknowledge the hint of truth in each which will serve you well

Our interest and passion is not just about Hawkeye software, but we take our responsibility seriously in educating people to become “rounded” traders, addressing all of the things that will make a difference. We believe that in many ways this video series will contribute positively to your trading journey.

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