How to Make Money from a KISS

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How to Make Money from a KISS

Make money from a KISS. If you trade the Emini, the Hawkeye KISS gives you a big heads up and saves you a minus trade.

Based on all the stocks on the NYSE, Nasdaq and Amex, the KISS represents if more stocks are being bought or sold. For example, if the red line is rising it shows that more stocks are being sold across all markets and vice-versa for the green line.

Hawkeye KISS


In this example above, you can see the 3-minute KISS just starting to show a sideways movement. This indicates a pause, or a possible reversal in price. The KISS is not showing any buying as it would require the green line to rise with conviction. As a result, we should sit on our hands and wait.

Let’s now look at the price.

Blue Tick Speed Emini

ES Blue

Where I have placed the cyan arrow the program indicated a Volume Roadkill long entry, which was not elected.

Why? Well lets look at the yellow and red tick speeds.

Red and Yellow Tick Speeds Eminii

ES Yellow & Red

As you can see the Heatmaps (the indicator on the bottom of the charts) are red, and the trend on the price dots show trend run down.

Hawkeye Perspective
By combining all three tick charts and seeing what the underlying stocks are doing across the exchanges, there was FAR too much risk in a long entry off the blue timeframe. Therefore, no trade was the right trade, and saved us a losing position.

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[The magenta and cyan arrows are for illustration only and do not form part of the software]

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