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EURAUD Masterclass

There was a mistake made in the presentation of this chart and information provided, so we have removed the blog post to prevent further confusion. Sorry for any inconvenience. We do make mistakes too, so again… sorry.


Team Hawkeye

Hawkeye Perspective

Patience waiting for the correct setups is the key to successful trading. Using the triple time frame entry system and triple volume is a huge edge.

9 Replies to “EURAUD Masterclass”

  1. Is there a type-o in regards to Fatman color of EUR and AUD?
    It seems the red line is extended and needs to come down, adversely the green line is pressed to the down side, and needs to be pushed back to rebalance. It doesn’t appear to correlate with the move. Thank you.

  2. Brilliant. I have read Elders book on triple screen methodology. It looks like this seminar is going to be well worth the trip down from Scotland.

    Kind regards
    David Anderson

  3. The 30 min Fatman applied to the 10 minute chart, or in this instance, tick charts…the AUD going down and EUR going up on tick charts. This is the exact opposite of the Fatman red/AUD and green/EUR lines. How can this be applied to the charts to be read correctly?

  4. correct me if im wrong on this, but the way i see it, by the hawkeye rules, you would wait till you have the 2 red volume bars on the fast timeframe, which in this example is the 248 tick bar. the way i see it, you would have not entered on that bar, because the close is not in the lower 40% of that bar. and also as i see it, it would have been a good move not to enter, because there was not much there. like i said correct me if im wrong on this. thanks

  5. glad other people here, see things on this example that don’t seem to make sense. hopefully we will get a reply on this from someone at hawkeye.

    1. Tony – yes, there was a mistake made on the charts not consistent with our methods, so we have removed the post. The direction of the trade was opposite that indicated by the Fatman, which should have been long EURAUD.

  6. Hi a bit late but just was reviewing mails from Hawkeye and the solution might be it´s titeld with EURAUD but the chart ist an GBPAUD, somebody might have mixed up the charts ;-P