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Join countless traders worldwide who use
the Hawkeye algorithms day in and day out to gain a powerful edge

Trading Computers by full-time day trader Eddie Z feature:

  • Dependability & Reliability
  • Lightning Fast Processors
  • Multi Monitor Support

What Makes A Trading Computer So Special?

EZ Trading Computers has surveyed over 7500 traders and what we have learned is that Reliability & Dependability are THE most important aspects of a computer for custom trading system.

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Supply and demand zones are vividly displayed in real-time giving you why the low or high is where it is.

  • Learn how profitable trading can be using supply and demand zones theory
  • Clearly see market turning points and breakout zones
  • Understand the link between support and resistance and future price action
  • Increase your winning trade percentage dramatically using Zone theory
  • Integrate your existing Hawkeye strategies with dynamic Zone theory

For more information, visit the APAZones website.

Cyber Trading University has been providing training courses for almost 20 years, and is the only on-site trading university on Long Island,NY

Cyber Trading University offers a comprehensive suite of training programs for direct access traders who want to acquire proven strategies and techniques used by traders on Wall Street. Our intensive training programs are conducted by experienced traders, and are designed to suit all levels of experience. We provide training in exclusive group sessions or one-on-one sessions with experienced, active traders. Our education may be taken online or at one of our on-site training facilities. Trading is a difficult business, and without a winning trading system, sound money management practices, and the proper mental approach, a trader will ultimately fail.

Cyber Trading University realizes the challenges faced by traders, which is why we emphasize all of the aspects of a winning trading formula in our classes. By having comprehensive, affordable, convenient courses, veteran instructors, frequent live trading demonstrations, interactive availability, and solid support services, Cyber Trading University gives students the best educational opportunity to achieve lasting trading success. To review education we offer please click on this link

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