Chazaq 15K YM TY Portfolio

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The Chazaq 15K Portfolio 1 YM and TY is based on the Dow e-mini and Ten Year Treasury Note, and is a trend-trade strategy that will hold overnight positions. The recommended starting account should be $15k. This blended portfolio approach diversifies market conditions to take advantage Two different strategies, which have been combined into a single Portfolio. This approach provides diversification and minimizes portfolio risk. This strategy trades weekly using multiple time frames for analysis (daily, monthly, and 60 minutes). The system incorporates a variable target price and stop loss functionality allowing the system to analyse dynamic market trends and trades in the direction of the trend at time of entry.The system entry rules use custom indicators that intuitively adapt to daily market conditions (volatility and liquidity), thus effectively maximizing profit potential and minimizing risk.

The following is the simulated performance report for the previous 10 years for each instrument. The actual performance is currently being run and will be displayed independently by the broker as it is compiled. The combined yearly income table follows the performance equity curves.

Equity Curve for the TY

Equity Curve for the YM

DateYearly Income YMYearly Income TYYearly Combined IncomeCumulative Income
*All results shown include $15 commission and $5 slippage per trade.

Here is the link to begin trading this portfolio with Striker:
Chazaq Technologies 15K YM TY Portfolio