Chart Examples

Join countless traders worldwide who use
the Hawkeye algorithms day in and day out to gain a powerful edge

Hawkeye Adds NT

Hawkeye Adds TS

Hawkeye Fatboy

Hawkeye Fatboy

Hawkeye Fatman

Hawkeye Fatman

Hawkeye Gearbox

Hawkeye Gearchanger

Hawkeye Grabba

Hawkeye Heatmap TS

Hawkeye Heatmap NT

Hawkeye Kiss

Hawkeye Levels ATR

Hawkeye Roadkill

Hawkeye Tools for NinjaTrader MarketAnalyzer

Hawkeye Pivots

Hawkeye Tools for TradeStation RadarScreen

Hawkeye Trend + Stops

Hawkeye Volume

Hawkeye Volume

Hawkeye Volume Radar


Hawkeye WideBar

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