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Contributing to the success of Hawkeye Traders are these dedicated specialists, who collaboratively work to bring you a vast resource of educational tools and a superior product designed to give people from all over the globe a chance to make a business out of trading.

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Terry Poole

Forex Specialist

Terry Poole is a seasoned Forex Trader, heading up the “HawkeyeFX” team, managing the “HawkeyeFX” website including the Hawkeye PlatinumFX Software Package, an innovative suite of software tools designed for trading the faster timeframes within the Forex Market.

Initially a technical trader, several years ago Terry was introduced to the concept of volume and price through Hawkeye. Further to this, his detailed understanding of risk management strategies led to him presenting on that topic at the 2014 Hawkeye Seminar in Palm Beach. As his association with Hawkeye grew, volume became a more integral part of his day to day trading. And now, Volume, Price and Risk are the three key pillars in all his trading decisions.

Terry has taken the opportunity to work closer with Randy and the team, and is now heading up the Forex arm of Hawkeye.

The “HawkeyeFX” team will demonstrate how in today’s marketplace, a screen based retail trader using a simple Hawkeye-based methodology with sound risk management techniques can achieve consistent profitability across multiple time frames.

To learn more about the HawkeyeFX Trading System, you can contact Terry directly at [email protected]

Kenneth Reid, PhD

Mindset and Crypto Specialist

A seasoned expert in the trading mindset and Cryptocurrency fields, Dr. Kenneth Reid, who has written for Forbes and Smart Money and has appeared on CNBC, is a trading coach and trader based in the U.S. He has been actively involved in the equity and futures markets since 1996, and more recently in the Crypto markets.

Throughout his 10-year career as a financial newsletter editor and analyst, Dr. Reid wrote daily market commentary and managed three successful model portfolios. In July 2007 he co-founded one of the first publications devoted entirely to ETF trading and investing.

Dr. Reid points out that Cryptocurrencies offer savvy individuals advantages unlike any other we have seen in a long time. He believes that the Hawkeye Tools provide an excellent way to identify trends and to become methodical in exploiting them.

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