$2000 in Two Hours Following the Rules

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$2000 in Two Hours Following the Rules

In today’s update, I show how the basic Hawkeye tools identified just over $2000 in two hours following the rules. Using only the Hawkeye Standard Package tools, I show the setup, entry, and exit of a short emini S&P (ES) idea.

From the charts

Using a 3min chart as my trade chart, I use 6min and 12min charts for confirmation. The trade setup came at 0618am with a break of consolidation, and confirmation of volume and momentum on the 6min and volume on the 12min. This served as the setup to confirm the entry criteria. That was my trigger bar, so I enter on the following bar. By applying my Hawkeye Levels ATR, I know exactly my risk in the trade, and I see the reward targets laid out before me.

With only one contract traded, my goal was to maximize the reward and get at least a Level 5 or Level 7. Level 5 was hit after two hours, and exhaustion bars identified, so the trade was ended. The result was 40.5 ES points, or just over $2000/contract traded.

The Hawkeye Perspective

Using just the Hawkeye Standard Package, I was able to show how to identify a high probability setup, how to enter the trade with confidence, and how to exit the trade at a point that maximized my rewards. Learn to trade the Hawkeye way.

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