Join countless others who, since 1996, have made trading their business using the Hawkeye Trading System. You’ll learn to trade with the market’s volume direction using any pre-selected timeframe. Hawkeye helps remove emotion from trading and equips you with a powerful set of indicators that will enable you to handle the complexities of the market. You can make trading your business if you:
  • Trade using volume price analysis
  • Trade in harmony with the markets
  • Stay in the trend
  • Remove emotion from your trading
  • Become an educated trader
  • Keep to a trading plan


Trading with Volume Spread Analysis
The financial markets are driven by two forces: volume and price (momentum). Understand how they work and you’ll have the roadmap for your journey as a successful trader.
Volume shows where the professionals are buying and selling:
  • Professional traders acknowledge Volume as a leading indicator.
  • We use Volume to confirm the strength of a trend or no demand. The markets are extremely efficient and will normally return to fair value.
  • Many traders see Volume as an indicator which signals a price movement prior to it happening. (accumulation or distribution)
Hawkeye Volume is at the heart of our suite of unique and powerful trading indicators and tools. It’s designed to help you exploit trends and capture profits from the market.
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Nigel Hawkes

“After decades of active trading and trial and error – using many methods based on popular theorists and working with some of the most revered experts in trading – I resolved that conventional indicators were far too lagged for the volatility of today’s electronic market. I required reliable tools to give me an edge and that’s where my journey and development of the suite of Hawkeye tools commenced. I have configured virtually every indicator around volume. By understanding Volume Spread Analysis, you will know what’s happening at the live edge of the market as it’s a totally un-lagged indicator.
Nigel Hawkes   Founder, Retired, Hawkeye Traders

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Max Larsen

"As a professional money manager – with $200 million under management – I find the Hawkeye system to be an indispensable tool in my investment research. I would strongly encourage everyone to attend their seminar to understand Hawkeye's unique trading methodology and approach to the market. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned investment manager his knowledge on how the markets work was transforming. This has definitely been a competitive advantage."

- Max Larsen, President
Future Finances, Inc.

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